Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. – Marilyn Monroe

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. - Marilyn Monroe

Well, in life, you may see quite a lot of situations that will not turn in your favor. You might have wanted something, but couldn’t get it despite all the efforts that you had made into it. But, you should never get disheartened, for the cycle of life needs to go on!

Suppose you know you have worked really hard all throughout the year, and you were meant to turn out with excellent results. Somehow, that didn’t happen. However, you should not be considering it as the end of your journey.

Life happens, and you would probably meet a lot of situations, likewise. Remember that success doesn’t lie in achievements alone, it resembles the amount of effort you have put into the work, and either or not, you are ready to give up.

When you fail, you learn about the loopholes of a particular project that the ones who have succeeded probably not have noticed. Therefore, you should not be regretting your failure. Also, those things had to fall apart, probably due to the fact that better things are there lining up for you.

Yes, you need to understand that God’s plans are way ahead than yours. Therefore, you could see a lot of situations against you. Don’t get disappointed for those were probably just good for you, but the ones that have been waiting for you might be the better ones.

Good things often fall apart only because you had better things waiting there for you. You need to understand that it’s not the end of your life.

You will come across several other circumstances ahead in your life and always keep on giving your best in each and every deal you encounter. You do not know which one of them gets clicked.

However, the ones in which you fail, make sure that you take lessons from those, and don’t repeat the same from next time onwards. Do not get too aggressive on not being able to get something you have aspired for! Learn to have faith in yourself and your abilities, and you are sure to succeed in the days to come.

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