Spread love everywhere you go. – Mother Teresa​

Spread love everywhere you go. - Mother Teresa​

Love is capable of healing everything. It doesn’t matter how deep your wound is; love will heal your wounds. To be precise, love is the best medicine for the injured hearts. It works as an ointment to the injuries.

If you want to stay happy in your life, make sure to spread love to everyone. It doesn’t matter who the people are, you must love everyone without any condition. It is so powerful that it will change the people around you.

In case, if you are surrounded by people who have faced a lot of bad time in life and become harsh, love them even more. No matter how hard for you to love them, you must give them love. And after some days, you will find out that they have changed. They are no more the harsh people that they used to be.

Also, converting them to good people will make you happy. At the back of the mind, you will know that you have done something good for humankind. Therefore, do not hesitate before spreading your love. It is the most precious thing that God has gifted us.

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