Tell her why you love her. Not how much you love her. – Jeff Hood

Tell her why you love her. Not how much you love her. - Jeff Hood

It is essential to understand that you should always tell a girl about the reasons for which you love her, and not just the fact that you love her so much.

She will be able to make out how much you love her all by herself. You need not say that to the person. You must only tell her why you love her.

This is important because it will let her know that she is special to you, and you do not have the same opinion for every other girl.

Make her realize that she is unique and you should have your opinions ready for the same. Yes, a lot of couples only keep on saying to each other that they have been loving the other person a lot.

Well, did you ever take a pause and have thought that why do you love her so much? What makes your girl so different from all other random girls?

Make sure that you should always be genuine and at the same time, have reasons for which you think that she is way different from all other girls.

This will also make her know the reasons for which you fell for her, and the things that you love in her. It is not just a set of compliments that you give her.

Make sure that she must know that you notice each and every minute detail about her, and those are some of the key things in you that makes you so special.