Life may be sad, but it’s always beautiful. – Pierrot le Fou (1965)

Life may be sad, but it's always beautiful. - Pierrot le Fou (1965)

Your life is one of the best things that ever happened to you. You will never get one such thing as your life ever. You may have a lot of sorrow in your life, but there is always one ray of hope that you will be holding on even in your darkest of days. This ray of hope is life.

Life can sometime drag you through the hard times or can help you to enjoy your life better in your joyful of days. Your life might be sad now, but never you dare to think of quitting the fight even. When these cloudy skies of your life get clear, when you will get sun soaked yet again with joy and precious memories, your life will get better eventually.

We all have to survive days that are not in our favor; we all have to live the days where everything else is going against us. Nothing seems to fall in line, and we have faced problems with everything we tried. These days feel like; we don’t want to live anymore; we just want the end of the day or the end of our life. And, this is where we consider the wrong options.

We don’t need to think negatively, because life is the most precious gift we have, and we just can’t let it go just because we had a few bad days. We are humans; the best evolution has offered to mother nature. How can we be so mentally weak?

Tell yourself that you are not weak, and no matter how hard it is for you now, life is a beautiful gift you should never take for granted. Your life might be sad, but it is beautiful, try to see the beauty of life always.

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