Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant. – Paulo Coelho

Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant. - Paulo Coelho

Life always waits for some crisis before you get to know that it is most brilliant. Yes, that’s absolutely true. At times, we witness several unfavorable situations in our lives, and that’s when we think that our life is the darkest of all.

We tend to lose all our hopes, and that’s when we regret it. It seems as if we have nothing in hand, and there is no other way but to cry over the spilt milk.

It is essential to understand that life always waits for some or the other crisis to occur, but you should be the kind of person who makes sure that no crisis is able to bend you down.

It is vital to ensure that no mess has been able to knock you down, and you must always be the kind of person who does not fear crises or challenges. 


However, you should always have the motif to welcome challenges as they come. You must realize the fact that when you take up a challenge, you work upon improving yourself as each and every new situation is going to serve as a lesson to you.

Nonetheless, you might have to face several situations in life, and those situations are only intended to polish you each and every day.

The best thing about this life is that it might take some time for it to reveal the most, but you should have your patience till then, and only when you are calm and composed, things will take their turns.

It is crucial to understand that things might take a little bit of time, but when you have your mental peace, things will happen.


You need to know that each and everything in life has its own timing, and therefore, you should always focus on making things as better as possible.

All you need is to have faith in yourself and your potential, and you are sure to witness good things happening to you all over again.

You should have the wisdom to understand that everything takes time to occur, and all of them have got their own timing to happen.

Hence, you should keep faith upon yourself and wait for the right time, and things are sure to fall in places all by themselves.

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