Everything you go through, grows you. – Robert Tew

Everything you go through, grows you. - Robert Tew

Everything you go through will grow you, which in turn, means that all the circumstances that you endure in your life contribute towards helping you become the one you are today.

It is essential to understand that we do not come with all the knowledge right from our mother’s womb, but we tend to learn things according to the situations. 

Everything we bear through the years decides whether they would build or ruin us.

It is essential to understand that we must always welcome the challenges of our lives as they come. This is because when we walk through the hurdles, we learn all that we are supposed to!

When we go through different situations of life, it is the circumstances that either build us or break us.

We often take time to realize things, but when we ultimately succeed in chalking down the things, we would be able to learn how the reality of life works!

Not everything is written in the book, and we aren’t taught everything in our school. However, it is rightly said that there is no greatest teacher in life than life itself.

Life doesn’t go smooth all the time. We go through different situations and count a lot of hardships along the years, and all these together make the person that we are today.

Hence, we should always take the hurdles of life on a positive note and look for possibilities into them instead of just noting down the problems.

We should give our best in each and every single thing that we are designated to do, and when we do so, we will keep growing over the years.

It is important to understand that life keeps on teaching us new lessons each day, and it is all up to us how we would be taking them up.

When we take up new lessons, we prepare ourselves for the future circumstances and when we do so, we learn a lot that builds our character and our thoughts as well.

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