Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got. – Robert Brault

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got. - Robert Brault

In life, you will be faced with many situations and times that will not be easy. It will take a toll on you and you also might feel very dejected.

You might have expectations from a certain person or a certain event in your life, but it might not pan out the way you had wished it to be. In such situations, it is seen that we often build a grudge towards the other person.

Some of us develop bitterness while many of us start fearing that event altogether. We find it difficult to overcome the fear and it takes over many other aspects of our lives.

In such circumstances, it is important to forgive others or even a particular situation even if you do not receive an official apology. Only then can we be at peace with ourselves and move on.

If we keep thinking about why a particular bad incident happened or why someone unexpectedly behaved in a manner unacceptable to us, then we will harness a lot of negativity within ourselves. It will not allow us to do anything else but get into spiraling bouts of overthinking which will yield no result.

Even though it might seem difficult, the only way is to forgive and forget. Do not keep any expectations from the person coming and apologizing. If you think you are hurting a lot then distance yourself from the person but just forgive them in your heart.

You will see that calmness will prevail and you will be able to get on life easier. You need to teach yourself to think in this way because it does not come naturally.

Pray that the person who caused you harm or hurt you in anyway realize their mistake and do not do it again. But do not expect them to come and apologize because expectations cause you to hurt even more if it does not happen.

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