You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted. – Ruth E. Renkl

You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted. - Ruth E. Renkl

All of us want to live longer. We all adore our lives very much; This is the reason we are fighting for our survival for this long. However, to pursue our dreams, we should keep running with time. And we all know how it will wait for none.

Then, there is no point in regretting our past decisions of how we have to lead our lives and how we are not worthy enough to achieve our dreams. We cannot be this much vulnerable that we cannot achieve our goals. If we can see it, we surely are worthy enough to achieve it.

However, to do this, we need to develop some qualities in our characters. We should become more careful about the time and how we are using it. We should be completely honest about our tries to achieve our dreams.

We need to keep our physical health up to the mark, too, because we don’t know how long it may take to get a hold on the dreams we are pursuing. So, we should keep ourselves healthy, and not waste time being disappointed too.

As just we have mentioned before, no matter what you are, time never waits for you. It will just keep going like it always does. So, if you stop today to be unhappy, to regret your past decisions instead of learning from the wrong ones, and stand up again to fight, the time will go away.

And then, when you will realize how you were wasting time by regretting your past decisions, you will not get back the time, and then you will have nothing to do than to regret. This is a nasty loop that will catch you up inside, and there is no escape until you realize, being unhappy, and morally down will do nothing but waste your time.

So, always be happy, and face whatever life is throwing at you with a smile. Don’t spend your time being unhappy, because once it is gone, it will never come back.