You only live once, so live a good life! – Shane Filan

You only live once, so live a good life! - Shane Filan

There is no assurance about second life, and it is not known to any of us if tomorrow will actually exist in our lives or not! Therefore, one must consider this life to be the one life that we could have ever got! You live once and so do all of us. None of us can guarantee tomorrow.

It is intended with the thought that we live only once and there is absolutely no point in leaving out any task for tomorrow. Who knows if tomorrow will ever exist? Hence, it is the only life that you are rewarded with, so make sure that you live it to the fullest so that you do not have anything to regret later on!

Living a good life is important. The description of “good” isn’t the same for everyone. While for some, it is about the things that one manages to achieve in life, the rest talks of happiness as their priorities for self-contentment.

A life filled with happiness isn’t in the fate of everyone. While some people do not value it, others seem to underestimate it even after they have got it! It is important to understand that every single day that you live is the last day of your life, only then will you be able to make it the most fruitful day of your life.

Once you think that it is your last opportunity to do something, you would be giving your best and thus, pave your path to success. Living a good life means doing something that makes sense instead of wasting it uselessly. You should be wise enough to use your time wisely because a moment once gone will never come back!