Never let the things you want make you forget all the things you have. – Sanchita Pandey

Never let the things you want make you forget all the things you have. - Sanchita Pandey

Quite often, we want to have a lot of things in our life. We dream of those things, and we want to possess them in our lives.

Make sure that you are not ignoring the things that you already own just because you are too busy running after things that you wish. 

A lot of times, we fail to notice all the valuables that we already own until and unless they are lost.

In today’s world full of materialistic pleasures, we tend to run after luxuries so much so that we pay no attention to the precious things that are already with us.

One major example in this context is ‘money vs relationship.’

These days, people are so busy running after riches that they are messed up with their hectic schedule, and thus, they pay no attention to the relationships and bonds around them, be it family or friends.

One must never do it, for it is the bonds and relationships that remain at the end of the day, and nothing else.

We are so busy engaging our minds in such useless things that we do nothing nor realize the cost that we tend to pay for losing such relations. Of course, money is important, but that doesn’t mean that you would forget all other things.

Hence, you should always keep your wishes aside and try to fulfill them according to your potential.

However, at the same time, dedicate time and attention to all the other things that you have and only make sure that you are not losing them by any means.

Set a goal and keep on walking towards it in order to achieve it, but at the same time, make sure that you notice things that you already have so that you do not end up losing them altogether.