Think of many things; do only one. – Portuguese Proverb

Think of many things; do only one. - Portuguese Proverb

We should all dream freely. The free flow of thoughts enables us to think differently and from various aspects. It gives us perspectives. Sometimes when we think of many things, we think of different things that concern us.

Thinking of multiple things that we like also gives us happiness as we feel hopeful that they will come true. But, when we think of many different things, we tend to get carried away. This is what we should be careful of.

We must see to it that we do not overthink a situation or a particular thing. This causes anxiety and also unnecessarily wastes a lot of time. We must realize that a lot of thinking on a particular topic will not help us until we actually take any action towards it.

While a lot of thoughts keep crowding our heads, we must concentrate our energy on doing only one thing. We must choose this particular aspect wisely. It should be something that truly appeals to us, and we would like to put our heart and soul into it.

We must understand that words remain empty if we do not take any actions. Therefore, focus your energy in the right place and actually make the change you want to see.

Now that you have chosen only one thing to focus on, you must do it wholeheartedly. If not, then your life’s purpose becomes futile. So do one thing but do that properly. You will find fulfillment and satisfaction when you do something that bears fruition.

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