Your life is precious, so grow and live life on your terms. – Joe Noya

Your life is precious, so grow and live life on your terms. - Joe Noya

Your life is a precious gift to you. It’s the most precious thing you will ever get. If you think biologically, you have defeated millions of sperms to born in this beautiful world. You are here because you deserved to be.

Everything you have learned from the very first day you took birth is the things that have brought you at this point in your life. You may have experienced heartbreaks; you may have experienced deaths of your close ones, surely have experienced failures several times in your life.

All these heart-wrenching experiences have brought you here. After all these things, you are standing still, fighting against the odds, kudos to you.

It has always been you, and no one else. Many people may have told foul things, things that are not true behind your back. These are also the ones coming running when you will be knocking on success’s doors to taste your success. However, they almost have zero contributions in your success.

The only one standing by your side when you needed help was the one standing in the mirror in front of you. So, never lose that one friend of yours. Don’t you dare to take the gamble of losing that one true friend to change yourself based on what others think about you.

It will be the worst thing you can do to yourself. Loving others and presenting the one version of yourself in front of them is good. You should not raise yourself based on others’ opinions.

Therefore, you should always grow and live life on your terms. Always Live YOUR life by YOUR terms, and someday you will be able to unleash the beast inside you, the hungry beast who will achieve the success you desire, the success you fascinate in your life.