Don’t waste your time stressing about things you can’t change. – Unknown

Don't waste your time stressing about things you can't change. - Unknown

We all have heard the idiom “Time and tide wait for none.” So, if you are doing something, do it with all your passion and dedication. Do no spend time on things that you cannot change. In most cases, you will see people keep regretting or repenting about things they have done in the past.

The mistakes they have made in the past. These people tend to blame others for their mistakes, or even if they admit their mistakes, they keep repeating them. Some people also cry over some of the memories that left them broke and shattered.

What has happened in the past has become the past. No one can change it. Not even our almighty Gods can until and unless you make a time-machine and go in your past times. As there is no chance of a time-machine as of now, we have no chance of going back in our past and make things right.

So, there is no point in being sad over the things that are buried in the past. That is never going to help you achieve the goals you dream of for your future. The best thing your memories can do to you is, the happy memories will make you happy when you relive it, the sad ones will teach you a lesson about your mistakes.

So, learn from the sad ones, and make sure you are not making these same mistakes again, then bury them in the past. Never waste your time on the things you can never change ever.

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