Things end, People change. And you know what? Life goes on. – Unknown

Things end, People change. And you know what? Life goes on. - Unknown

There is a beautiful saying, time and tide wait for no one. This means that the only permanent thing which exists in this amazing world is change. Change is the inevitable law of nature. Both living and non-living things have accepted change as the supreme law of this Earth.

It is essential to know that any good or bad phase will eventually change, and no one in our lives is permanent. The word permanent by itself is just a myth. Things and people change with advancing time, and so do everything around us. Creature evolves and paves the way for a new life and new customs.

Anything which is new now will be old and outdated just after a little span of time. Human beings are constantly adapting to their changing climate along with the environment. In order to survive and meet the basic needs of life, we should embrace change and try to move on. We will notice that things only change for the better.

The genius Charlie Chaplin once said that life is actually a melancholy in a closer shot but a comedy in a larger shot. This means that whatever we are thinking is bad now will turn out to be good later in life. Whatever you are enjoying now is just short-lived, and things may not be the same again.

We have been able to live our lives alone and embrace suffering and pain. It may seem that life is actually suffering, but little moments of joy and happiness help us to forget it and give us new hope and courage to fight against all the odds.

Sometimes in order to understand life, just take a closer look at a little kid who is just eight years old and an old man who is in his early eighties. Whether heartbreak or failure, loss of someone dear to us, or being cheated by someone near to us, we should accept change and try to move on from our past no matter how terrible it is.

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