Love is sweet when it’s new. But it is sweeter when it’s true. – Unknown

Love is sweet when it's new. But it is sweeter when it's true. - Unknown

Love is sweet when it’s new. This is because it’s the starting of any relationship that gives us an opportunity to know more about each other. This is the time when we hold on to our interests, talk a lot, hang out with each other and give time to one another.

Love birds go on frequent dates and it’s actually the best part of a relationship. However, as time passes by, things start becoming older. Now, this is the critical moment of a relationship. As couples usually know a lot about each other, both the good sides as well as the bad sides, things appear to be ‘nagging’ between them.

Nothing new happens in their lives, and thus, everything seems to be boring. This is common human psychology and couples who can actually manage this phase of their relationship will set examples for the next of their progeny.

I see a lot of couples breaking up after years of being in a successful relationship and married people getting divorced as well. When they could have stayed with each other for so long, they will definitely be able to do so for the rest of their lives as well.

People breaking up or coming out of a marriage often tend to complain about each other. Looking in-depth, can you actually justify the situation? Were there no love the time they entered into the bond? Definitely, there was! Now, what happened all of a sudden that they no longer want to stay together?

The only reason is that they do not feel those butterflies in their tummies anymore. All these happen because a lot of people actually claim ‘infatuation’ as ‘love’. If you are truly in love with someone, things are going to go great!

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