When someone truly cares about you, they make an effort, not an excuse. – Unknown

When someone truly cares about you, they make an effort, not an excuse. - Unknown

It is easy to say that you care for someone, but it takes a lot of effort to prove that saying. Many a time, we hear the same from people around us. One can easily say that he or she cares about you, but things are never easy to prove.

People who care for you will never leave you in your worst of times. They are the ones who would stand right beside you, no matter what! However, in this world full of selfish people, you easily get a lot of people who would be saying they care for us.

It is essential to understand the people who actually care for us in the real sense will never make an excuse, irrespective of the degree of difficulty of the situation.

Therefore, if you are one of those who say that you care for any of your loved ones, make sure that you stick to your words when the situation demands! Never fall short of your words or turn against them as that would give a clear idea of your treachery to the other person.

You must have faith in your words, and thus, be bold enough to stick to what you have said earlier.

On the contrary, you might have met a lot of people in your life who could easily say that they care for you. In that context, make sure that you don’t just believe them in terms of words. Be wise enough to verify it on your part. Talk to them, and make an analysis for yourself.

When they say that they care for you, it doesn’t mean that they would be fighting the battle for you or on your behalf, it simply means that they would stay beside you, and keep supporting you.

Also, at difficult times, or in moments of crisis, these people should at least make the efforts for you instead of just making it a point through their words. It is the effort that counts!

When you see that the person on the other side is trying hard to make it for you, he or she does really care for you.

However, we would find a lot of individuals who would simply choose to ignore such a situation. They won’t even bother about all the hurdles that you have been going through! Make sure that you treat them likewise.

Be wise enough to identify people, and once you do it, make sure that they aren’t able to fool you all over again.

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