Real friends are family without a birth certificate. – Unknown

Real friends are family without a birth certificate. - Unknown

Although it is extremely rare to have real people in our lives, if you are lucky enough to get some real friends in your life, make sure that you are not losing them by any chance.

Do every possible thing to keep them in your life, and when you do so, you will be able to preserve treasures for yourself.

Real friends are certainly an extended family without a birth certificate, which means that even if you do not have a blood relation with your friends; it is none other than them who shall always be there to support you in all your ups and downs.

The real friends do not own a birth certificate though, but they would never allow you to feel down and inferior in your life. They shall always be there for you when you are depressed and unmotivated.

They are going to serve you as your backbone and try to help you in doing better. Real friends are family, for when you are gifted, with such people around you, there is nothing more that you would need in life.

Your peer circle is definitely an important part of your life, for it is none other than your friends with whom you have got so many memories in your life. 

Just think of your school days; all your childhood memories have them. It is none other than these guys with whom you have spent the best days of your life, and you are sure to cherish them over the years.

They are the ones who know all our secrets, and at times, they can sense our emotions much before we tell them. Certainly, this does not happen with everyone but with real friends only.

If ever in your life, you get them, just remain thankful to them and express all your gratitude towards them. Keep them in your life and know that no riches can replace their positions for you in your life.

They would be your constant sources of motivation and support during your times of crisis.

Real friends will never be jealous of your success, but they would rather feel proud of it. Also, these people will support you in your lows so that you can take all the inspiration to rise up all over again.

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