Let go of yourself and ask God to fill you up. – Unknown

Let go of yourself and ask God to fill you up. - Unknown

From the very first day we open our eyes to see a new world with light, vibrancy, and such other things, our brain was a void. The people in our surroundings teach us about different things, that is how we learn about this world.

We watch our parents first; then, they make us aware of different aspects of our life. This is how we learn; we know this world. Therefore, while growing up, we always keep our brains that way.

The world is full of possibilities and chances. There are many things in this world that we still don’t know about, and it will be that way even when you are going to grow up older. Therefore, you should not worry about different things, and let yourself go with the flow.

You should not restrict yourself from doing anything encouraging. It is because that is the way you move forward in your life, and you learn. This way, you will be learning, and the more you learn, the more you will develop your conceptions about the world.

The almighty is always watching us. God is always there for his children. However, he wants them to learn things continuously; he wants his children to learn through their experiences.

Whenever you feel like there is a void in something, do not worry. Always keep your faith and trust in god. He will always be there to help you, and he will be filling you up whenever you need him.

So never fear experiments, always try to learn from different experiences in your path of life, and ask the almighty to help in filling you up.

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