The truth hurts, but lies are worse. – Unknown

The truth hurts, but lies are worse. - Unknown

There are times when you feel like the truth may hurt someone. Because truths are not meant to make you happy always. But the truth is truth. Well, you can never change a fact, you can never hide it behind a thousand lies. It always comes out from somewhere.

However, most of the people in our generation prefers lies rather than the truth. They think that the lies will make people happy. 

Sometimes lies will help you to comfort someone at their hardest of times. But, faking a promise, and telling lies always just to save things from getting worse is not a very good thing.

When the truth comes in front of everyone, the situation may get worse, but it will get even worse if they know that you have told lies before to prevent the truth from coming out. That breaks one’s trust upon you. That makes you bad in front of them.

And the worse of them all, you will never be able to talk with the person keeping an eye-contact. Whenever you try, something in your heart will keep telling you that you are the one telling lies to the person in front, and that will keep your head down in front of them.

So never tell lies. The truth may have hurt you, or the person big time, but the lies are going to be more painful ones revealed. You will never be able to trust the people who have told lies to you before.

No matter if they are telling the truth next time, it will become hard for you to believe them. So, no matter how unfortunate the truth is, never search for shelter under the umbrella of lies.

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