What hurts you today makes you stronger tomorrow. – Unknown

What hurts you today makes you stronger tomorrow. - Unknown

You can never learn something by staying within your comfort zone. You can learn only when you are out of your home and trying to walk all alone. You might meet failure but that’s what is building your pillars of success.

You may get hurt today, just because you met with something that you didn’t expect to happen. However, that is something that will build you a better future ahead.

Remember the scoldings and punishments you got from your nursery school teacher for not being able to write all the alphabets, they did hurt you that time, isn’t it? However, that’s the reason you learnt to read and write today!

Consequently, you will meet a lot of difficulties in life and they will hurt you terribly. Sometimes, you would feel like escaping but trust me, they are meant to make you stronger. You can never learn something new until and unless you have tried it out.

You can only learn something new when you go out of your comfort zone and encounter the hardships on a real-time scenario. Your failures will hurt you, but they will teach you too! Imbibe those lessons of life and you are bound to witness a better future tomorrow.

You will be hurt several times, and not just once. What’s great about it is the lessons you take up from those situations. Try to learn from those difficult situations and each time you keep failing, you decode new reasons to succeed and eliminate the loop holes.

Every successful business empire wasn’t built in a day. Entrepreneurs didn’t arise overnight. They have tasted the fruits of failure for 1000 times before they could even taste one single fruit of success.

The same goes for you too! You will fall down many times, get hurt and that’s fine! Try to figure out the qualities that you lacked in yourself and when you can do that, you get closer to success. Your wound today will give you a reason to rise even stronger tomorrow.

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