If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost. – Zig Ziglar

If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost. - Zig Ziglar

Life throws at us various experiences. We do not always understand the reason behind all the occurrences. But unknowingly, all of these experiences contribute in some way towards shaping the person we really become. Some experiences give us joy, some give us grief.

Through all of this we grow up and our lives become enriching in their own way. We might feel helpless during our tough times, but we should consider them to be a phase and look ahead for good times to come. Positivity gives us the strength to face what we might have thought unimaginable.

There are numerous things to learn when one faces tough times or even loses. It teaches us resilience and also gives us a clear picture of what we are really capable of. We understand that the pain is excruciating but we also know that the only option is to overcome.

These tough times tell us who our real friends are. It helps us to establish bonds that last for life. It is said that friends who have weathered bad conditions understand each other better because they confront storms together. Thus, there are various lessons that we learn, and much more when we face difficult times or even defeat.

So never feel that you have actually lost when you have been defeated, for you have learned your lessons the difficult way and it will stay with you forever. You have gained wisdom and have overcome defeat making you stronger than you were.

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