When you finally learn that a person’s behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle than you, you learn grace. – Allison Aars

When you finally learn that a person's behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle than you, you learn grace. - Allison Aars

Remember that the behavior of a person has got a lot to talk about that individual as a whole. There are times when the behavior of an individual says a lot about his or her personality, as well as inner struggles.

Do not be too quick to judge a person. You may find a person behaving rudely with others on a particular day, but that doesn’t mean that you would tag that person as “arrogant.” Take time to decide, and you will be able to have your opinions as you get to know that person.

It might happen that it has been a bad day for him, and he has been upset. That’s the only reason he has been so rude. As a result, you should give yourself enough time to analyze an individual before you actually form an opinion about him or her.

Learn that it becomes very easy to judge someone, but it takes more time to know that person’s ins and outs. You should be kind and graceful to any person you meet.

If he or she has been impolite or rude to you, there’s no point in giving it back. Maybe that person was having a bad day then. Be calm and composed, and you may find him or her sharing a few words about the inner struggle that the individual has been going through!

It is important to realize that this world requires more listeners. We have been so obsessed with our own lives that we hardly have any time to think about others these days. Learn to be compassionate and try to know more about the situations that someone has been going through!

Once you discover the circumstances and the battles that the person faces every single day, it becomes easier for you to justify the reason for his or her behavior. Also, it gets easier for you to accept the things as they are!

Try to be graceful, as the world needs more of them. All of us have been fighting deep inside. You and I are no exceptions. Maybe, the person you saw had been wounded for quite a long time, and thus, has developed such a kind of behavior over the years.

Be kind enough to forget and forgive rather than holding any grudge against anyone. Start loving others, maybe that would help them to heal quickly.