Change the world by being yourself. – Amy Poehler

Change the world by being yourself. - Amy Poehler

The originality of an individual is precious. It can never be duplicated in the exact same manner by another person. Often, we as individuals do not understand the uniqueness which resides within us. We often try to replicate someone who is more popular.

In the age of social media where trends rule our lives, the quest to become like someone else who is apparently more accepted by the public has increased many folds. We are more involved in catching up with trends rather than being our true selves. This is also the reason why many of us find it even more difficult to discover what is unique about our own self.

For this realization, it is important that we retrospect. Be in touch with yourself and give yourself some time so that you can ponder about what your thoughts, beliefs, and preferences are. Once you have identified your true self and a goal towards which you can contribute or make use of your uniqueness, you should no longer delay but get to work the soonest.

During retrospection, we might also find that there are obstacles in our own mentality that needs to be changed for us to go ahead. Do not hesitate. Do not let your ego stop you just because your belief is ling drawn. If you realize what changes you need to make within yourself, then go ahead because it will help you and all those you affect in some way or the other in the long run.

We often feel that we are too little to make a difference to this enormous world. But it is the little steps that contribute towards something big. If you pursue your goal with perseverance, then you will see that you have found others who have a similar goal.

All of you then can, in your own way, contribute towards achieving that goal and therefore make a difference. Even if you do not find a group of people to go ahead with, you should never stop yourself. All of us should work in a manner genuine enough so that we can leave our footprints on the time-sand.

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