You can’t change the world. You can change a person’s world. The more people you help, the more worlds you’ve changed. – Andrew Gifford

You can't change the world. You can change a person's world. The more people you help, the more worlds you've changed. - Andrew Gifford

You cannot change the whole world and you should be accepting this truth.

However, it is always a possibility for you to change a person’s world, which means that you can always change a person’s life by inculcating certain good values into it.

We need to understand that it might not be possible for us to change the entire world and help them grow but if we can change at least one person on this earth or succeed in making the slightest of the difference to his or her life, that’s more than enough.

When we talk about changing a person, we mean that what all did we do to make his or her life even better. 

It can be in any pursuit, be it in terms of behavior, thought process, course of action, or anything else.

We need to make sure that we are able to change people’s world.

We should focus on helping others do something that will make an impact to their own lives and to the society as a whole.

If each one of us came forward and got ready to initiate at least a few simple steps, this world would definitely be a great place to live in!

We must understand that the more people we help, the higher is our scope for having more kind souls before us.

Kindness is priceless, yet a lot of us lack it. However, if we can be a little kind and inculcate a helping attitude within ourselves, this world is going to be a really great place for all of us to live in!

Try to reach out to the needy, as that will not cost you anything, yet will definitely help the underprivileged ones to fetch a better life.