Always love your friends from your heart not from your mood or need. – Anonymous

Always love your friends from your heart not from your mood or need. - Anonymous

A friend is someone with whom we don’t have blood relations, but the bond is based upon mutual affection. We know that “Good friends are like diamonds, rare and precious and bad friends are like fallen leaves, many but useless.” So, to get a good friend first, we must become a good friend.

The friendship these days has become a rare commodity. Everyone now has become self-centered and mean. Nowadays we only care about ourselves, our needs, our mood, our work, our life. Most of the people are stuck in the world of “I, me and myself”. Friendships are now based on “give and take” policy.

Friendship is becoming shallow and superficial day by day. We now love a friend according to our mood and need. These days people make friends only on the basis of their needs. The real meaning of friendship has lost its way.

For example, if a friend fails to help us a single time we break that friendship forgetting about all the previous help we have got from him/her. Then we do behave rudely and harshly with our friend depending on our moods.

One day we behave like true buddies and on the other day as if he/she doesn’t matter. Some people have made friends with someone for their needs, and after the work is done, they have behaved as if that friend doesn’t even exist.

It is true that “A friend in need is a friend indeed” but loving a friend only because he/she helps us is extremely wrong because that love will definitely fade when your friend will be unable to help you. Due to this kind of actions by certain people, making and loving friends on the basis of our needs and mood have become a trend.

But we must always love our friends from our heart because friendship is the most precious and sacred relationship in the whole world. So, we should not love them on the basis of our necessity and according to our “swinging moods”. We should love them with our whole heart.

If you have good friends around, you are more than lucky. True friendship has become rare these days. When you have such great friends with you, make sure that you preserve them till the last day of your life.

Love them from your heart. Do not show your fake smile and pretend to be happy for them. You should do things from heart, and not based on your mood or need. Be genuine and real and that’s the biggest gift they would ever get from you.

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