Apparently when you treat people like they treat you, they get upset. – Anonymous

Apparently when you treat people like they treat you, they get upset. - Anonymous

At times, we become too rude and arrogant with the people around us but we fail to realize that we have been doing wrong for this long until and unless the same has happened to us.

Therefore, when you treat people just the way they treat you, they also tend to get upset.

We often misbehave with others around us and we do not get to understand that we have been behaving so rudely with others till the time the same kind of incident happens to us.

It is essential to realize that you must have the idea to treat them the way they have treated you, for that’s the only way through which you can make them understand that they have been doing wrong with you all this time.

When you treat people like they have treated you, that’s only when they get to understand the mistake that they have done in your case.

It is extremely important to understand how others would pursue the same thing if you do it. In the same way, it is essential to be realized by the other people too.

One needs to have a fair share of idea that if you are not liking such a kind of behavior, it is quite obvious that the other person would also have to go through the same!

Apparently, the moment you give them a treatment that is pretty similar to the one that they had given to you times back, you will be able to understand that they won’t like it or would probably not be able to take it!

As a result, in case the other person is not able to get things right or is capable of understanding how things work, he or she needs to be treated just as similar to the way he or she has treated others.

One may say that he or she understands the things, but that’s not actually so!

In order to get what others are going to perceive, you need to go through the same thing all by yourself, and only then will you be able to keep a track of things by yourself.

They get upset only because people do not get to comprehend that beforehand, and the best way to have an idea of how things work is to put your own feet into that same shoes, and only then, will it become easy for you to perceive things!

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