Be careful what you tolerate. You are teaching people how to treat you. – Unknown

Be careful what you tolerate. You are teaching people how to treat you. - Unknown

It is important to make people understand ourselves so that they do not cross their limits. It is good to tolerate things up to a certain limit but definitely not more than that. Remember that once we give others a hint of our tolerance capabilities, people tend to take advantage of that and wrong us.

Therefore, on humanitarian grounds, we should tolerate things up to a certain limit only and then make things clear. It is always good to express ourselves in front of others because expressing ourselves will not only put our views in front of others with clarity but also make us stress-free.

Remember that it is better to drop that particular thing which cost us our mental comfort and peace of mind. It is important to showcase our opinions to others so that they understand us and behave with us accordingly.

It is to be noted that human behavior can only be tolerated to a few limits, beyond which it becomes intolerable and forces us to take necessary action or steps.

It is essential to living a life based on our own rules and also on our own choices. Making ourselves clear from the ambiguity of how people should treat us can actually have enough positive impacts on our own lives.

This will not only save us from unnecessary stress and trauma of what people opine about us but also give us the confidence to face difficulties in life with courage and strong determination. It is also necessary to make ourselves comfortable with any situation in which we face.

People should maintain clarity over their discussions to avoid any later complications or ambiguity. Remember that a fool only wastes his life by thinking what others will think about his actions and so on.

We must make every possible effort to live life with our own ideas and break the shackles of toleration and anxiety.

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