Aspire to inspire before we expire. – Anonymous

Aspire to inspire before we expire. - Anonymous

Life gives us a lot of lessons as we move ahead. There are instances in life which make us happy while there are those instances that make us feel bad or dejected. But from each of these events, we should take lessons and make life more meaningful.

In the journey of life, we should not forget our duties towards others. We should lead life by example so that people who come across us have some reason to get inspired by us.

For this to happen we need to realize that every little we do should include morality. If morality is compromised, we lose the respect of those around us. So before taking any decision, it is important that we spend some thought and not act impulsively regretting our decision later.

But we as humans are bound to make mistakes as well. It is then important to own up to the mistake, apologize and strive to never repeat the same mistake. This is how one earns the respect of others.

We learn from others around the most rather than from books. It is thus important for every one of us to become wholesome enough to inspire people we meet on our way. To become such a person, we need to work on ourselves too.

By striving to be such a person, we become more conscious of our actions and take more well thought our calls. We leave our footprints in the world by inspiring someone else and passively being a part of their story. It is perhaps the best way to make one’s life truly meaningful.

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