People constantly change so don’t ever think you fully know someone. – Anonymous

People constantly change so don't ever think you fully know someone. - Anonymous


People keep on changing over the time. It is essential to understand that each and every person keeps on changing, and thus, you shouldn’t rely on anyone completely. 

You must accept the changes, and understand that people keep on changing over the time. You may think that you know that person, but it might be the situation that you actually do not! Yes, that’s what reality is all about!

People change constantly and nothing remains the same. The way you have seen a person years ago differs from the way you would see him or her today, and he or she would also vary in the changing times.

In life, you will need to understand that you should keep yourself mentally prepared all the time, you must always be ready to perceive things as they come.


Be ready to accept people the way they behave with you, and keep one thing in mind that each and every person changes with the pace of time, and thus, you have got no one to blame you.

You must know how the reality looks like! In today’s time, you cannot expect someone to be the same all through the years. Know that people keep changing their colors just as the chameleons tend to change theirs!

Hence, you should always be ready to accept what they have got to show you, and be ready to accept as they portray themselves before you.

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