Be like a sun. Keep on shining and let them burn. – Anonymous

Be like a sun. Keep on shining and let them burn. - Anonymous

In our solar system, the Sun is considered to be in the center with all the planets and other celestial bodies revolving around it. The Sun is the primary source of energy, and also it is the storehouse of natural and spontaneous power.

The energy from the Sun is replenishing and also highly encouraging. The Sun radiates all its energy in a 360-degree view, and therefore, everyone can feel its warmth and presence. Humans should also aspire to become like a Sun.

Just like other planets in the celestial system are rich in minerals, soil, and various gases, they actually do nothing in terms of significance in front of the Sun. In life, human beings encounter a different variety of people around them. Some inspire us, while some are jealous of us.

Moreover, it is also necessary to know that each and every human being is different from different Outlook and concepts about life. People from different walks of life tend to meet us with their own level of intelligence and experience.

We should learn how to ignore people and let our good deeds percolate down to them and inspire them. Remember that who tries to make you understand that they are superior to you, is actually below you.

Good people are always respected and followed in society. This does not mean that they don’t have enemies. One should learn from life how to deal with different varieties of people and also sometimes ignore a few.¬†Just like the sun, we should also try to be in the center and let the planets revolve around us and shine from our radiations emitted.

We must never change ourselves for the sake of others, and only our opinion should matter to ask at the end of the day. We should always try to improve ourselves and forgive people who wrong us. It is very important to give ourselves the much-needed time and let our wounds heal.

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