Don’t burn your opportunities for temporary comfort. – Anonymous

Don't burn your opportunities for temporary comfort. - Anonymous

In life, you won’t get the success that easy! You will have to take several tests along the way, and pass in all of them. Besides, you would also counter a lot of temptations along the journey, but make sure that you aren’t paying any heed to either of them.

It is essential to understand that one should never burn the opportunities only for the sake of temporary comfort. You should have the ability to be optimistic in your life and have a goal that achieves you big.

Your journey might be a long one, but that’s not a problem if you are ready to take up all the challenges that come along in the journey.

You might see some temporary comfort that would probably look to be very lucrative to you at that hit of the moment, but evaluating it in the long run of life is what makes things crucial.

Do not burn your opportunities for temporary comfort. The journey might give you a lot of sweat, but every time you feel tired, think of the reward that’s waiting at the end of the journey.

You will have several temptations along the path, but you should be wise enough not to fall prey to them. Just have a positive intention, and things would get to places all by themselves.

Do not burn the opportunities, for temporary comforts can give you happiness for a short span of time, but they can never yield you as big, as achieving your dreams could give! Hence, choose your options wisely and act accordingly.

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