Be the type of person you want to meet. – Anonymous

Be the type of person you want to meet. - Anonymous

There are different types of persons across the world. Every individual is different from each other. Therefore, it is not possible to get someone who perfectly resembles you. However, it is a very amazing feature in humankind that every one of us is different from each other, and therefore are unique.

Therefore, you should not expect someone like yourself. We live with our unique features and characteristics, and we always should be like that. If you think that everyone is wrong and no one understands your type, you might be wrong to expect people to understand you completely.

If someone understands you, does not mean they are not going to tell you if they haven’t liked something about you. You should accept the fact that you are not always right. There are times when you may feel that no one understands you. Then there is a small suggestion for you. Be the person you want to meet. Be the person you think is perfect for you.

Now, why are we saying this? Well, it is because you may get a person with many similarities. However, you will never get a person with the characteristics you love; you adore the most. So if you try being the person you always want to be, no one else can hurt your feelings.

You will not need someone else’s company to be happy. Someone’s behavioral changes will not affect your life, as well. Besides, if you turn yourself into a person you want to meet, chances are, the person you met with most similarities may change themselves as they spend time with you.

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