A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected. – Anonymous

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected. - Anonymous

A person who feels appreciated will do more than he is actually expected to do! Yes, that stands to be true as it is how human psychology works like! A person who feels appreciated will believe in doing even better to earn more appreciation and respect in return. 

He will always have the tendency to improve himself as that’s how he is encouraged to work like. The man who thinks that his good deeds and efforts are being acknowledged will usually turn up to be even better. This is how normal human traits function.

For instance, you will see this same behavior among the employees of an organization, wherein the day a boss appreciates the employee, he or she will automatically try to work with greater efficiency.

Hence, one should always encourage others, particularly your juniors, to make sure that they work with their utmost efficiency.

If you are at the superior authority, and you have got employees working for you, make sure that you appreciate and reward them for every little effort and contribution they make, and you would automatically see that they will keep growing through leaps and bounds.

It is important to give value to one’s effort, for an effort once valued, will bring in more outputs in the days to come.

If you expect a person to improve himself, you should find out the good prospects in him and encourage him to work even better so as to reach the peak of success that he truly deserves!

It is essential to understand that not everyone will acknowledge the good things in that person, and with so many critics all around, it is even more common to see people blaming and neglecting people for each and every little thing.

This is the only reason for which people automatically feel discouraged and lack their confidence in things that they otherwise would have done well. As a result, you should always focus on encouraging people around and appreciate them so that they can keep growing.

Try to understand human psychology, and it is only when you do that you will be able to work with cooperation and value. Consequently, you will see that the people have started doing even more than what you had actually expected them to do!

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