Each story has an ending… But sometimes endings are just a new beginning. – Anonymous

Each story has an ending... But sometimes endings are just a new beginning. - Anonymous

Each and every story has an ending but make sure that you are not losing hope by just hearing the ending. Know that when one particular chapter closes, it paves the way for multiple new chapters that are yet to open.

Therefore, you should never feel demotivated when you think that one chapter is closing, but rather you should be thankful enough to expect more chapters to be coming up.

Know that endings are just a new beginning and you should never lose hope on the ending segment.

Instead of feeling low or down, you should be optimistic and make yourself realize that endings are meant to welcome new chapters. Hence, if a door closes, it’s only because something even greater than that is waiting ahead for you.

Each story has an ending, all you need is to have faith in yourself and the endings will have greater stories for you to narrate.

This is pretty much related to our own lives. It is only when we completed our school that we went to the high school. After years spent with our best buddies, we go to a new University for further studies.

We meet new friends, teachers and other characters right there. However, we get into a job life post that, and the chain keeps going on and on.

In the same way, we cannot expect things to occur in our favor all the time. We need to understand that endings are just evidence that better things are waiting along the way.

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