No guts, no story. – Chris Brady

No guts, no story. - Chris Brady

If you do not have guts, you will never be able to achieve anything big in your life. Get back to hear those stories of success, and you will find all of them to be supported by none other than bravery and courage.

They could become successful in their lives only because they had guts to stand for what they have ever believed in their lives.

You see, they didn’t reach success easily. They couldn’t attain heights by doing nothing. They had become successful only because they were brave enough to stand against the world and support their own thoughts and actions.

Life had never been easy with them either! However, it is essential to understand that you attain great heights only when you have that courage within yourself.

If you aren’t capable of standing for your own self, how would you expect the rest of the world to believe in you? You ought to have that confidence and self-belief at first, only then, you would find all other things falling in their own places.

If you are standing for yourself with a cracked voice, you would never see success. Meeting success is indeed a hardship and you would have to pass through that dark tunnel, yet not give up.

Only when you are able to get through those nights of hardships, things would get easier for you. If you do not have the guts to stand for yourself, you would never expect yourself to have a story.

The world will criticize you for sure, but it’s none other than you who could get things on track. Until and unless you have the guts, you would not have a story to set for yourself!