God loves you more in a moment than anyone could in a lifetime. – Anonymous

God loves you more in a moment than anyone could in a lifetime. - Anonymous

It is rightly said that nothing can replace the worth of God’s blessings. God loves you more in a moment than anyone could ever do in the whole lifetime. God loves all of us. All of us are his children, and he is here to do equal justice with each one of us.

Many times, we get stuck in several situations in our lives. That’s the moment when we understand that no matter who stays beside us, but God is always there!

Remember that situation when you thought that you had got no one by your side, all the doors seemed to have closed, and you find not a single reason to carry away with your life, that’s the moment when you see the light coming from somewhere.

This is the indication of God and his existence. No matter even if the entire world turns upside down, you still have that one and only faith that would keep you alive, and that’s none other than God.

No matter who stays and who leaves, if you have faith in the words of God, you are sure to find your way all by yourself. No one can ever love you more than God. Also, when you see anyone loving you, he or she might have reasons behind such actions.

However, it’s only the God who would love you without any selfish reasons. This love is unconditional. All you need is to have faith in God, and you would never lag behind. In this world filled with selfish people, it’s only the Almighty who would love you like none other.

Therefore, we should always keep faith in his words and keep walking on his path. You might find hardships along the way, but when you have trust in his potentials, things turn out to be easier than ever. Nothing would appear difficult to you in such a situation.

However, make sure that you abide by his words and believe in his words, and he would stay right beside you every time you encounter a difficult time in your life.

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