If love doesn’t require some sort of sacrifice on our part, we probably aren’t loving the person at all. – Anonymous

If love doesn't require some sort of sacrifice on our part, we probably aren't loving the person at all. - Anonymous

It says that everything is fair in love and war. We should acknowledge and remember that we should not take any person for granted. Sacrifices are common in love and should be done to some extent because we have to do these in order to save some beautiful relationships.

People must not blame their situations and always say ill about others. It is we who are responsible for something good or something bad or unlucky in our lives. People must be positive in difficult times and help others in distress.

Our luck is not the only factor to determine our relationship success, and we need to make things better and functional despite our bad luck. When two people share a common sense and love each other, sacrifices are common and must be done to some limits in order to maintain a healthy and blooming relationship.

People who coexist together are bound to get difficulties and problems in life. This does not mean that we will just go on making mistakes and let the other person understand us and let him or her suffer.

Sacrifices must come from each other’s part and should be mutual and equally shared. This will also build a sense of happiness and comfort upon each individual. Life is meant to be lived in a state of mutual understanding and comfort. We should also learn how to understand the other person’s demands and need. 

A few people are not able to express themselves before us. We should also try to understand their happiness and value their presence. Loving the right person genuinely without any malice is absolutely necessary and essential to make things go right.

One should love the other person for the sake of love only. No one should love the other person for good looks or soothing voice. These things are momentary and will eventually erase with the passage of time.

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