Strong women aren’t simply born. They are made by the storms they walk through. – Anonymous

Strong women aren't simply born. They are made by the storms they walk through. - Anonymous

People are a result of their circumstances and actions. Women are the magnificent and most strong of all the creatures with a perfect blend of strength and emotions. Today’s women have made significant advances in science, literature, and art.

Women now hold significant managerial posts and other higher ranks in any robust economy of any country. They have been successful in creating their own history based on their own talent and strength. We all are a victim of time and eventually evolve with the passage of it. Sometimes storms come in our lives not to destroy everything but to clear our path.

Today’s women are the market leaders and are an essential pillar of governance or commerce. Females now have proved themselves to be much superior to men in terms of strength, intelligence, or ability. They have been successful in creating a place for themselves in this male-dominated society.

Women now are successful in formulating plans and holding important posts in the army. The struggle which they undertook to be successful is indeed remarkable. From breaking stereotypes to old meaningless traditions, women now work with men and give productive and impressive results in any profession.

Many of these beautiful yet strong women are made and not simply born. They have faced severe challenges and stress to come to the surface and see the world from their perspective.

The world today is flooded with many successful women who have broken previous records of age-old traditions and created a name for themselves. Be it corporate world or sports; women have been an integral part of the system throughout.

Today even men observe and appreciate women’s success and growth. Women have brought not only a wave of changes and transformation but also unlocked several new opportunities. They have proved themselves in front of the world and made everyone proud.

A girl child in any family is actually a matter of pride and the symbol of growth. It is the responsibility of society to take optimum care and effort to give them opportunities to excel in life. Women now cannot be chained by futile customs. They are the torchbearer of any nation’s advancement.

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