God does not change with the times like we do. – Anonymous

God does not change with the times like we do. - Anonymous

Faith is something that keeps us going in our life. Without faith, we experience nothing but a big void. You can never reach up to the desired endpoint if you don’t have faith in God. So, never stop believing in God. It is one of the simple yet powerful things to do.

You have to understand that God is behind everything. At the end of the day, our God will take care of everything. He will make sure that everything in our life is happening for good. In case, if you are going through a tough situation, consider it one of the tests that God is taking.

For instance, if you are going through a tunnel, you will see darkness everywhere. But, if you can walk a bit through the tunnel, you will see the light at the other end.

The same thing happens to us. If you are frisking through a rough time, you should know that you will go through the right time again. No matter what happens, you shouldn’t stop believing in God.

He is the only hope in this world. You have to understand the fact that we humans change with time. But our God is one and he is always constant. He never changes with time. To be precise, time is something that doesn’t bother God. He will take care of our entire life and will do everything to make us feel happy. 

However, you cannot hope that everything will happen according to your preference. Maybe, the things that you desire are not good for you. So, allow God to choose the best thing for you. He will do what is best for your life.

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