No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together. – Anonymous

No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together. - Anonymous

It should be understood that at first, one should be in a relationship with a person with whom he or she wants to connect and admire each other out of pure love. When two people share the love with each other, sometimes misunderstandings and a little confusion may creep in and be annoying to the individuals who share this beautiful bond.

People who genuinely love each other should share beautiful chemistry and try to be with each other both in distress and good fortune. One should admire the flaws of the other and skillfully try to correct them with passing time.

Time heals everything and helps us to know more about any individual because everyone is different, and there is not any developed parameter to grade a person has a good or bad human being. It should be understood that life is to be lived. We should not bother much about petty troubles or commotion.

Being in love actually means to find perfect peace in the chaos. It is always better to understand the other or your better half with the passage of time. We must acknowledge the fact that time and tide wait for no one, and nobody is perfect.

It is important to understand and believe the fact that it is impossible to love someone who is just perfect. In the actual scenario, a perfect person would be just impossible to love. It is actually their flaws and imperfection that attracts us towards our loved ones.

Love by itself is actually a noble quality which, if understood and interpreted correctly, has the property to heal even the greatest wounds ever encountered with the passage of time.

In order to build a strong and lasting bond between any individuals, it is vital to have complete faith and trust upon one another. It is necessary to know the fact that life is never a bed of roses, and there would be ups and downs as we age.

Aging with the loved one will frame us for the better. Actually, sharing each other’s joy and disappointment will bring the individuals close to one another and give happiness, which is unparalleled. Love is actually the oldest and the most magical emotion which humans have ever experienced.

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