I’m so thankful that I didn’t end up with what I thought I wanted. – Anonymous

I'm so thankful that I didn't end up with what I thought I wanted. - Anonymous

At times, we keep crying over something just because we have been craving for it over a long period of time. Start being thankful to God for the fact that you didn’t get what you have wanted so far.

Remember that the Almighty tends to have greater plans for you than you would have ever thought of! You would probably not be able to realize it then, but you would gradually come to know why things turned that way years later.

If you have wanted something, and you couldn’t get it by any chance, learn to accept the fact instead of holding onto it all the while. You didn’t get it only because you deserved far better than that!

It is quite obvious that you might not know the reasons behind it today, but as you go on discovering the plans of the almighty, you are sure to thank him down the line.

Had you got all that you have wanted at that particular time, you might not have seen this beautiful gift, that is, today. Thus, at times, you need to thank God for not giving you all that you have wanted. 

This is because you have been ready to settle for menial things, but that would not have shown you what you have seen today. Hence, dream big and keep going towards your goals. That’s the only way through which you will be contented of the fact that you have given your best.

However, if you still don’t get what you have wanted, make sure that you keep your faith on the Almighty as He is sure to have alternatives planned for you. Trust him, and he is sure to make ways for you.

It might not be easy for you to realize right now, but down the line, you would be able to understand why things didn’t happen the way you wanted at that time. This doesn’t mean that you will compromise in terms of your effort. Just do the best of yourself, and leave the rest!

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