Damaged people are strong because they know how to survive. – Unknown

Damaged people are strong because they know how to survive. - Unknown

Damaged people are usually strong since they are well aware of all the things that they need to do in order to survive.

This world is meant for the survival of the fittest, and if you want to do good, you must always take lessons from your past mistakes and also listen to the people who have their opinions to share with you from their past experiences.

You should understand that it is none other than the damaged people who are going to give you the best lessons of your life. A person who has got a smooth way to walk upon is unaware of all the troubles that could come along the way.

On the other hand, you can get the maximum knowledge from the person who had walked through a road that was full of ups and downs, as he is aware of how to deal with all those.

Besides, damaged people have witnessed a lot of miseries throughout their journey, and thus, they know the tips and tricks to survive.

Hence, if you ever want to get the best lessons of your life, make sure that you should always go and ask someone who has got the worst experiences of walking through that path.

Damaged people are the ones who have wounds and they know how to deal with them and heal them along with the growing time. They know the obstacles that are bound to come along the way and thus, they would prove to be the best ones to suggest about ways of overcoming those hurdles.

People who had an experience of going through the sorrows and miseries of life can share their experiences and help you deal with the same. They know the best ways to survive, and they can help you out in doing so!

It is important to understand that not everyone is going to have the same experience and when you have such people in your life, you should feel yourself to be blessed.

Try to learn as much as possible from them. They are already damaged, and they have received those wounds only because they had struggled throughout their lives.

When you get an opportunity to learn from other’s mistakes, you should never miss it. Try to absorb as much as possible so that you do not end up receiving those same wounds.

Know that they are the strongest people you could ever know, and thus, you should always try to take as much learning as you can, from them.

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