Stop wishing for something to happen and go make it happen. – Anonymous

Stop wishing for something to happen and go make it happen. - Anonymous

Humans are very ambitious species on earth, also are very lazy as well. We all wish success in our life, we all wish we could’ve prevented something bad from happening in our lives, but there are very few people who actually take steps to make their wishes come true.

We wish to be a great doctor or an efficient engineer, a mesmerizing singer, a fantastic cricketer, etc. We wish we were giving interviews to that big company; we wish we were playing with that musician; we wish we could play with a particular sportsperson once in our lives. We all have lots of wishes.

However, we don’t understand one small thing. We don’t understand that instead of waiting simply and wishing something to happen with us, if we make an effort to make it happen, we may actually go one step closer to our dream, our wishes.

Always remember that if you have a dream, a goal, you have the power to achieve it. It has appeared to you because you were ready and capable enough to start walking on the road to achieve the dream. The rest, you have to do it by yourself.

You have to keep on chasing it. You have to keep on fighting for it. The world will keep throwing problems at you. However, you still have to manage to hold on to it. You will face tough times; your dreams will come close to shattering; but you have to provide the protection to them. You have to keep them alive.

Because, always know this one thing that as long as you are holding on to your goal, it will only help you to improve your skills to achieve it. Therefore, whenever you are wishing something, take a few steps to achieve that place. Nothing comes free; you have to make it happen.

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