Never reply when you’re angry. Never make a promise when you’re happy. Never make a decision when you’re sad. – Anonymous

Never reply when you're angry. Never make a promise when you're happy. Never make a decision when you're sad. - Anonymous

It is said that time and decision are the two most important factors in life and should be taken care of. They not only determine the quality of our lives but also help us in bettering them and teach us valuable lessons in life. Life is nothing but an assembly of uneven spaces, events, and lessons.

There are many things in life that can be ruined just due to some mistakes. We should be careful when we make mistakes because we should try to evolve as much as we can by learning from them. There is actually a very important step towards well-being. That is, never take a decision when you are not sure.

In most of the situations, people end up making serious mistakes and thus suffer in life. It is important to know that life is a lesson, and a person who doesn’t know how to manage his or her promises well is not even a human being. Life is meant to be lived and not just faked around.

We should always promise someone when we actually mean it, and we are pre-determined to complete it no matter how worse things go for us. An empty promise breaks the other individual’s trust and takes away their faith upon us. In order to avoid mistakes, we should never promise in a hurry or rush.

Before taking or accepting any promise, we should always be well acquainted and aware of all the terms and conditions it comes with. We should not promise someone in a hurry and then land up in a puddle of mess. 

It is utterly necessary to know that promises are meant to be kept because they are born of humanity and trust, coupled with faith and emotions. Anger is never good in any situation, and one should always avoid being angry. This will not only ruin the situation but also make things worse for us in the future.

Similarly, we should also never promise someone something when we are too overjoyed. In both states, our rational thinking of the mind is compromised heavily, and we indulge ourselves in problems later on in life.

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