When you are a good person, you don’t lose people, they lose you. – Anonymous

When you are a good person, you don't lose people, they lose you. - Anonymous

It is important to keep in mind that we have nothing to prove to anyone, except ourselves. We have only our back always, both in times of fortune and disappointment. Even great people have stressed on the fact to work hard but not count on your cost.

This is actually a virtue to be even good to your enemies. There is a famous saying which explains that the most effective way to destroy an enemy is to make a bond of friendship with him or her.

We should always try to be good to our friends, our closed ones, our parents, colleagues, and even at times too with our enemies. It should be understood that enmity is just a mental barrier and nothing else. We must change our mind and forget that even two enemies can be friends with one another and share the same table.

Practicing good values and moral codes of conduct not only shapes us an ideal individual but also makes us a remarkable figure in the society worthy of respect, love, care, comfort, and affection. People are able to easily and comfortably dissolve with such people.

Sometimes it hurts when we express ourselves as someone’s friend, be in their times of glory and distress, and they misunderstand us in the long run. This is just annoying and intolerable, but it is essential to keep in mind that many people will cross our lives, some will be a good lesson, some just a bad experience.

It is important to learn how to let go of things in life and just be happy. This is utterly significant because to be happy sometimes, we just need a little time to pull ourselves from such annoying incidents.

This is also the case with heartbreaks, and it is important to keep in mind that we should be ourselves and live our life because it is a waste to live for someone else’s life and just ruin our own self in the process. It’s not being selfish; it’s necessary.

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