Your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect was. – Anonymous

Your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect was. - Anonymous

There is actually a famous saying that to err is human. This means that human beings are bound to make mistakes, and it’s actually the part of a learning process that human beings continue to do throughout their lifetime.

There is no harm in making a mistake or doing wrong to someone unintentionally. What one needs to remember is that people should always apologize to the person for their mistakes or for doing someone wrong.

We should learn to say sorry to someone for our own faults. Acknowledging our mistakes and essential, connecting them in the process is a good sign of greatness. It is your sole responsibility to say sorry to someone whom we have given sorrow.

Man is a social animal, and we cannot live alone. Therefore, it is important for us to live in a society along with other people and therefore also help others.

Sometimes we make mistakes in understanding someone and become furious over them, which is very gross and should be avoided. People should always try to maintain healthy and lively relationships with others.

If we unknowingly or knowingly do something wrong and we get to know about that, we must immediately say sorry to him or her and apologize to that person from our heart. This is very important as it will not only remove misconceptions but also help us maintain a healthy relationship and a growing bond.

There is no harm in apologizing for our own mistakes and skillfully correcting them. This is actually a great sign of strength and courage. Moreover, the other person will also try to understand us and will eventually trust us.

People should understand and analyze the fact that our stay on this beautiful planet is short and short-lived. Little misconceptions and debates are too futile to be thought of during this lifetime.

We should utilize our time in building new and healthy relationships along with mending or smoothing down the existing ones. Forgiving and the act of saying sorry and apologizing immediately are undoubtedly the biggest signs of greatness.

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