Prayer changes more than things, it changes you. – Unknown

Prayer changes more than things, it changes you. - Unknown

One of the most beautiful essence and serene things on this planet is an honest prayer. A genuine prayer not only depicts the clarity of the mind but also rejuvenate any individual from deep within. 

Prayer is actually a confession of a truthful heart. It is very important to respect the existence of a supreme power which governs everything around us.

Some people say that prayer cannot be done without a proper environment. Some people find this assumption incorrect and baseless. Actually, it depends on person to person, and therefore it is essential to choose a specific place to meditate or say a prayer.

There have been many theories throughout the ages that highlight the existence of God emotionally or mythologically. This entirely depends on the belief system of the individual and his or her practices.

It is important to remember that any prayer is actually an honest confession that directly comes out from a pure heart. It is priceless and beyond all materialistic pleasures. Prayer not only changes things but also changes us from within.

Some people are also known to meditate and focus on internal spiritual energy. This not only keeps them active throughout the day but also helps them develop a sense of positivity wherever they go.

It is important to remember that we should say our prayers without any intentions or with any desire for favorable outcomes. Genuine prayer is always free from malice. It is like a form of energy that is everlasting and glorious.

Faith and trust are the two most important qualities which we have hope and continuously make efforts to move forward. Prayer changes us from within and gives us mental strength and courage to fight against any tough situations of life.

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