Reading is to the mind, as exercise is to the body. – Brian Tracy

Reading is to the mind, as exercise is to the body. - Brian Tracy

It is rightly said that ‘Reading is to the mind’! This is because it is through reading that we gather our knowledge as well as enrich our brain with productive thoughts, and accelerate our imagination and innovation. Also, we boost up our skills through reading. The merits of reading are not just confined here! It is through reading that we own our perspectives towards things that we see and hear around us.

It is not about reading any particular book or anything that specific, rather it is denoting all that we have read and known so far since our childhood. Collectively, it is about everything that we have read so far, all the things that can be counted to be responsible for shaping the new “you”!

There is no end to reading! Yeah, there is no end of acquiring knowledge. Here, we aren’t talking about the physical or virtual books and magazines that you often read, but it is indicated towards the everyday lesson that life teaches us as well. No matter the age, or the degree that you have already achieved, there’s no limitation to gaining knowledge.

Thus, reading for the mind is contrasted to be as mandatory as exercise is for the body. Just as the body gets well with exercises and one is recommended to exercise on a regular basis to remain fit and healthy, reading is for the mind!

Reading opens new vents for your thoughts, and you start to think differently. Not only that you think in a variant way, but at the same time, it gives you a scope to practice something or preach an idea that other people would not even think of!

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