Leaders are never satisfied; they continually strive to be better. – Brian Tracy

Leaders are never satisfied; they continually strive to be better. - Brian Tracy

“Leaders are not made, they are born”- ever heard of this adage? Well, just as it is rightly said that the leaders are born, and their leadership quality is something that they inherit, yet there are a lot more on the flip side of the coin.

One can inherit some of the traits, but in order to maintain them as well as to get better every single day, one needs to work upon improving himself or herself. You cannot be outstanding on each and everything in just one attempt. It needs time, and with every passing day, as you keep working, you eventually tend to get better!

A man who thinks that he has known enough will cease to grow, and that’s absolutely true. It is important to understand that there is no age to stop learning. You can never know enough to stop gaining knowledge. The same goes for a leader too!

A leader might have known enough for he is eligible to lead a team. However, when a leader stops learning, that’s when he ceases to grow. There is no end to learning, and a true leader is the one who continues to improve himself each day.

Understanding a team is never easy! A leader will have to learn every day from each of its team members. A leader doesn’t mean that he has known everything. Analyzing the team members and understanding how the quality of the tasks could be improvised is equally important. Leaders are thus never satisfied because satisfaction kills one’s urge to know more.

A true leader is never contented, and thus, he keeps on working every day to get even better. Self-development is a continual process. It can never get over, and a true leader not only believes it but implements it as well.

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