Self-confidence is the foundation of all great success and achievement. – Brian Tracy

Self-confidence is the foundation of all great success and achievement. - Brian Tracy

Self-confidence is a powerful motivator. When a person is confident about himself, he is sure to set achievable goals instead of throwing words into the air. Thus, that person will be confident about meeting them too! Achievement is a relative term that is often used with your goals.

You can meet only those goals that have been set upon relying on your potentials. If you set an unattainable goal, you are sure to meet with disappointments. Therefore, you should know what you are dreaming of achieving and then plan accordingly so as to meet that goal.

Success isn’t going to hover upon you overnight. You must keep on walking ahead in the direction you believe in and time will surely reward you. Not every day is going to go great! There will be times when you feel disgusted and get bothered about not being able to achieve everything that you might have thought of!

Also, there will be times when you will lag behind despite all the efforts that you needed to put in and doing so as well. A person who still aims to succeed and instead of lowering the amount of effort, he rather accelerates it is sure to taste the fruits of success.


Once your self-confidence is built, sooner or later, you are sure to achieve your goals and meet the success. With self-confidence, comes your determination and focus. Thus, it is that important ingredient that makes your meal taste exactly like the way it should be!

It even boosts up your energy towards working upon something that paves your path to the goal. A person who lacks it will eventually feel lazy to keep moving and will feel the deficiency of motivation as well. Thus, it is crucial to keep you moving!

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